Southern European Crisis and the Future of Europe

The dramatic developments in Greece culminate on June 30  when the loan to Greece and the austerity conditions attached to it are coming to an end. What does the crisis and the relentless austerity for Southern Europeans mean for the future of Europe? Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the European Union? Can the emerging Radical Left help re-imagine democratic socialism for the 21st century?

Southern European Crisis and the Future of Europe
Tuesday 30th June 6pm  Room B01 Clore Management Centre

Speakers:  Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Etienne Balibar and Costas Douzinas



Change Europe! IPA solidarity with Greece

Take your part in the European week of action for Greece!
Join us on Trafalgar Square on June 23rd at 6:30pm

If you can’t make it, then please at least sign this Jubilee Debt/GSC petition:;

Please bring your own placards with support for Greece and debt-struggle slogans such as “Break the chains of Greece’s debt!
Please no pots and pans, no syrtaki, no bouzouki.

Change4All : a call for a European bottom up mobilization.

  IPA will respond to the call. Watch this space for our call to action. Find the entire text of the call and a “solidarity map” here

european_solidarity_greece_logo.gifThe outcome of the ongoing battle against austerity will define the future not only of the Greeks but also the future of the European people who struggle for more democracy and equality. United we stand against austerity and social injustice. […]  We must put pressure on the EU institutions to cease this unacceptable behavior and make them accept that it is the citizens of Europe who must decide for their future.

State violence is happening not only in Ayotzinapa


IMG_0663Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Mexico in one of the largest shows to date of public anger over government corruption and the probable massacre of 43 college students.
 In solidarity with the Mexican student movement, our International People Assembly proudly joined the protest outside the Mexican Embassy in London.

State violence is a major threat wherever the power of the oligarchy is being successfully challenged. The 43 students of Ayotzinapa were disappeared because, in their efforts to keep education free and to improve the conditions of the rural communities, they are an obstacle to the Mexican government and their neoliberal policies. More on the movement here